UPDATE #6.2 | Phoenix, Eternal Star, Dr. Potato and more...

Today we are announcing the content for Update #6.2 and will start with the new kits!
This one is a bit smaller than update #6.1 but we hope you will like it.
With Update #6.2 we are introducing the following new kits that you can unlock / claim.

🔥 Phoenix God Kit 🔥
The Phoenix god kit allows its user to have less cooldown on the savior enchantment.
Also after your Savior activates you gain Resistance 2 for 45s and you deal +20% more damage for 30s.
Type /gkits to learn more about the new gkit

👑 Soul Extractor Corrupted Kit 👑
The Soul Extractor armor has 3 different effects that are listed below:
2.5% / 5% / 7.5% higher chance to negate Soul Stones from your enemies
5% / 10% / 15% chance to not loose a Soul Stone on an item when dying
1% / 1.5% / 2% damage for every active Soul Stone on your Weapon
Type /ckits to learn more about the new ckit

🌐 Kit changes 🌐
🔵 The Duelist set bonus now also grants -50% Rage spell cooldown

🔵 The Soul stone got removed from the soul eater original immortal kit loot

🔵 The Challenger kit now has a lootbox instead of a guaranteed level up pass

🔵 Increased the chance to get items while digging with peacekeeper

🔵 Added new good and bad loot to the peacekeeper loottable

⚔️ K.O.T.H ⚔️

Koth Event
Since koth needed some fresh air we had implemented 3 new koth events in the last update.
This time we are adding one new event:

🔴 No Keep Inventory (you will loose your stuff when dying + Soul stones are getting used)

Koth Shop
We added every koth armor piece to the koth shop for 250 koth tokens.
*Note: You can now drop items in koth

🥔 Dr. Potato Head grinder 🥔
We are introducing our first head grinder for your own island!
You can right click this grinder to get some potatoes, ore seed boxes or some rare loot ;).
You can open the upgrade menu from this head grinder with shift + right click
Now lets talk about the question "how can you obtain it?".
The Dr. Potato head grinder is obtainable from the following "loottables:"
The Dealer, Master farming tasks and spirit fragments (very rare)
If someone on your island wants to upgrade the head grinder you need to give them a island rank (trusted / manager) or the custom permission.
We will add the other head grinders like “Ogre, Enchantress…” in future content updates

🌟Eternal Star🌟
We are also introducing a new rare pvp related item.
The Eternal Star works like an Immortal Star but with the following changes:
🟣 The Eternal Star can only get opened 3 Minutes after its placed
🟣 The “opening” progress is half as fast as the Immortal Star (0.1% / 0.05% per click)
🟣 The Eternal Star can only be activated at 4pm – 10pm CET / CEST
Now lets talk about the question "how can you obtain it?".
The Eternal star is obtainable from the following "loottables:"
The Dealer, Corrupted boss chests, Immortal star special loot and sometimes (rare) from the koth lootbag

❗ Other notable bugfixes / changes ❗
🔴 The koth lootbag will now drop koth swords

🔴 Added an OP enchantment crate to the possible Koth lootbag loot (Not a guaranteed drop)

🟡 Changed some prices, removed one item and added a new item to the voteshop!

🟡 Divine Lightning is now an only sword enchantment + it now costs 140k stars per swing

🟡 You can now see the boss and giveaway chest loot by right clicking it without a key

🟡 Warzone rockets are now disabled inside the farming labyrinth

🟡 The Corrupted Arcane golem boss now drops 3x tnt instead of 1x at his 75% and 25% health phase

🟡 The Corrupted Eternal Witch Minions will now respawn a bit slower!

🟡 Re-added the protection 5 book to the possible special Immortal star loot

(y) Community Suggestions that got implemented in the new update (y)
🟡 From now on you are able to buy 64 items at once at a island shopkeeper

🟡 You are now able to buy and sell items to an island shopkeeper (sell doesn’t work with non-stackable items)

🟡 Added the skydrop item lottery to every different skydrop type

🟡 You can now toggle the lootbox messages from other players with /toggles

🟡 You are now able to toggle the boss charge messages with /toggles

🟡 Added 2 new Hopper Island Upgrades

🟡 Added 2 new Sell Chest Money Boost Island Upgrades

Thats all for this update, enjoy!
The Shinybounds management.


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