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  1. Lennox

    CHRISTMAS EVENT 2021 | Update #4

    Greetings! Today we are releasing our christmas event for 2021 with a special spawn and an advent calendar. CHRISTMAS SPAWN There once again is a special spawn for this special event! Thanks to ChaosZeroPvP who helped building this spawn. ADVENT CALENDAR Everyday you are able to claim a...
  2. Lennox


    Greetings! Today we are releasing a few new kits, immortal skydrops, improvement to loot tables and much more! Wizard Corrupted Kit The wizard set was previously known as healer set on Skybounds back then, this has now been changed as it is now called wizard. The set bonus is the basically the...
  3. Lennox


    We are partnered with LabyMod! What does that mean for you as a player? We will continue to add more and more features for LabyMod Players, a lot of neat stuff has already been added! We recommend you to play with LabyMod to experience all of the advantages on Shinybounds with it, we are also...
  4. Lennox

    Aura Beacons and more! | Update #2

    Greetings! Today we are releasing Aura Beacons, Bug Fixes and Quality of Life improvements... Aura Beacons Aura Beacons are bringing normal Minecraft Beacon effects to your island, you can start the quest to unlock it by going to the market! Once you started the quest you need to find...
  5. Lennox

    QA Applications

    QA Applications are always open for everyone. You want to apply? Find our application form here.
  6. Lennox

    Halloween 2021 Update

    Greetings! Today we release the first update this season which adds new content to the game (even tho its limited time only). Halloween Event Halloween Lootbox Halloween themed spawn Bug fixes New forum Halloween Event 2021 Pumpkins can be found all over the island! Find them to receive...
  7. Lennox

    Punishment Appeals

    You think you got punished falsely? You can find our punishment appeal form here.
  8. Lennox

    Player Reports

    You want to report a player because he did something against the rules? Find our punishment form here.
  9. Lennox

    Staff Applications

    Staff Applications are always open for everyone. You want to apply? Find our application form here.
  10. Lennox

    VIP Applications

    Here are our requirements for the VIP rank For YouTubers/Video creators: Subscriber count doesn't really matter, however, you should atleast have 500 subscribers View count should be atleast 200-400 views per video Uploading active videos (2 videos per week is enough) Already uploaded an video...
  11. Lennox


    In this thread you can find all rules which apply to our minecraft server. We don't supply a detailed description about every rule as this information is reserved to our staff members. The administration of the server is permitted to punish any player even tho no exact rule for the violation...