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Shinybounds Release & Update Log - Nacktbild - 12-11-2020

Since is releasing in this december, the 12th, at 8 PM CET (2 PM EST, 1 PM CST),
we're posting a little update log on what has been changed since the last season ended (It's alot, really alot...).
Please keep in mind, we're not gonna post everything here, because it's way to much.


- Everyone can has their own island now, but can still join friends islands
- Removed spawner and hopper limits
- Added island online/invited limits, and island border limits (standard is now 200x200, premium now have 400x400 borders)
- Added a dropzone to every island
- Added island ranks (Member, Trusted, Manager & Owner)
- Added /istop & /clantop
- Finished & fixed crush & reserve abilitys. Also added Autosmelt enchant for pickaxes
- Cobblegens are more customized now
- Island flight is now active for everyone on the island
- Island chat is now acutally the island you're on right now
- Added protection spells to protect your chests
- And some more bug fixes and small features, which you can explore when we release.


- Finished Rage, Slam, Slay & Insight abilitys on swords
- Finished Axe leveling, currently only has Shuffle as ability
- Finished Shovel leveling, currently only has Bury as ability
- Bury has a cooldown on the player you bury, means, if you bury someone, he can't get burried again for a set amount of time, no matter what
- Added alot of new enchants, also re-worked the old ones to make better sounds & particles
- Added disenchanting
- Soulstones will now repair broken armor by 50% (not in KOTH)
- Added a stuck prevention for ender pearls, it will now teleport you to the next free spot thats available around you when you would've ended up stuck. If not, you can use the /stuck command
- Added 12 new ikits and their set bonuses, the old ikits are still there under the okit category
- Added new KOTH Loot, also a new set bonus to the set
- Added Miningworld, basically 1:1 the skybounds miningworld just some small changes and bug fixes, e.g perm void trapping is fixed
- Added a /fund system which has to be completed to do certain things (e.g 25 million Stars have to be funded to activate automatic skydrops)
  this /fund system is GLOBAL and NOT player bound! This is basically so everyone has the same chances to start off at the release.
- Added over 50 new campaign challenges & daily challenges, also they're showing up in scoreboard now when u complete them.
- Added an Auctionhouse which can be viewed via /ah v, and you can sell your items via /ah sell <stars>. The time is set automatically. Currently, this is only instant buy, we'll be adding an bidding option later as an update.
- Gravity Gun now works like it should
- New level up rewards
- New Map
- New marketplace
- Added LMS in the frost mine, where you can collect an openable every day (need to be LMS for 10 minutes) and stars + challenge xp, which will be multiplied by 10% every 10 minutes.
- Added Openables in the frost mine
- Added immortal stars


- Reworked permissions for ranks
- Added global challenge xp boosters
- Added item xp boosters
- Added Item XP Bottles, can be split with /splitxp

Well thats basically it. I may have forgotten alot, but those are the most important updates.
There are alot of small changes or things that would be to much to write down here, e.g a new /levels command, or just some new custom items like Challenge Passes. You can't really compare the server with back then.