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In this thread you can find all rules which apply to our minecraft server. We don't supply a detailed description about every rule as this information is reserved to our staff members.

The administration of the server is permitted to punish any player even tho no exact rule for the violation exists. It is simply not possible to list every small possible server rule violation. It is also not allowed to search for mistakes in the rules and then abuse them afterwards, if you find any mistake in the rules please create a discord ticket. We take action by what we see in the chat, if you insult your friends just for fun we will mute you anyways as we can't know that it was a joke or not.

As soon as you join Shinybounds, you agree to the rules listed below.
  • DDoS / DOX Threats
  • Death Threat
  • Wish of Death
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Swearing
  • Player/Teamler Provokation
  • Racism/Discirmination
  • Insult
  • Trolling
  • Advertising
  • Spam
  • Caps
  • Fake Report
  • Mute Evade
  • Hackusating
  • Inapp. Skin
  • Duping
  • Bug Abuse (this includes using the Warzone Rocket to get back to the spawn of the K.O.T.H)
  • Unfair Advantage
  • Auto Clicker + Auto Clicker Mods count as Unfair Advantage
  • Scamming
  • Ban Evade
  • Helping a Ban Evader
  • Combat Boosting - Keep yourself in combat in single combat zones with your friends so you
  • Combat Boosting - Pushing up your combat level (except for challenges)
  • Combat Blocking - Block people's hits on purpose while you're immune
  • AFK-Mining
  • Bypassing AFK-Timer
  • Inapp. Name
  • IRL Deals / Server Trade
  • Rechtsradikales auftreten
  • AFK-Fishing
  • AFK-Bots - Using an afk bot which automatically reconnects you
  • No Intent To Play - Just doing weird things, e.g ban evading, etc...
  • Scramble hotkeys -> 3 day ban
  • PvP hotkeys count as unfair advantage & they're forbidden
We take for granted that you will follow the rules as they are really easy to understand. If you have questions about our rules ask in chat or make a discord ticket.


The Shinybounds management.
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