This is the changelog of the update release on Map #5 release.
This update contains new Warzone stuff , New kits, balance changes, the shinybounds tavern,
the long awaited woodcutting update and more...
(Release at 11th March, 8pm CEST)

New Warzone
The new Warzone warzone features some old islands and outposts as well as some islands from the previous season
or even completely new islands that you have never seen before.
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Sun and Moon grinder
The Sun and Moon grinder are celebrating there comeback.
You can find them in the near of the South and North outpost.
*Note: The Bostain npc is now at the South outpost

Comet Outpost
The new Warzone also introduces a new Outpost called "Comet Outpost".
This Outpost can be Captured by one clan to earn some buffs (/outpost to see the buffs)
Mein Projekt.png

New Kits and balance changes
In this Season we are introducing the following new kits that you can unlock 😊

Alchemist Immortal kit
The Alchemist Immortal kit reduces the /alchemy cost's by 50%.
Type /ikits in-game to learn more about the new ikit.

Chemist Immortal kit
The Chemist Immortal kit gives you a 10% chance to duplicate a potion upon brewing it.
Type /ikits in-game to learn more about the new ikit.

Sun & Moon Immortal kit
The Sun Immortal kit gives you a higher chance to obtain good drops from the sun grinder + the fire resistance effect.
The Moon Immortal kit gives you a higher chance to obtain good drops from the moon grinder + the night vision effect.
These Immortal kits are very unique from the others since you can only get them from the Sun and Moon grinder or Eternal shards.

Mage Standard kit
The Mage Standard kit delivers 24 spells of every type.
image (11).png

Challenger Standard kit
The Challenger Standard kit gives you everything you need to increase your challenge level.
image (12).png

Lumberjack Corrupted kit key
The Lumberjack Corrupted kit is now available from Random Corrupted kit keys.
image (14).png

Balance changes
🔵 Tank set bonus now has 25% extra durability

🔵Koth set bonus now have a Combo multiplier of 1.5x

🔵 The Immortal set bonus
+ 5% outgoing damage
-5% incoming damage
doesn't have the extra 25% Armor durability anymore

🔵 The Warlord set and Guardian set
Guardian: 10% less damage
Warlord: 10% more damage

🔵 The Warlord set bonus only works against players now

🔵 The Duelist set bonus also has a -50% Rage ability cooldown

Fairywood is a new dimension of the magic server that is divided into 2 parts that the players can explore

How to enter Fairywood?
You are able to find the LUMBERJACK at Tradia, he will have quest for you!
Once you completed the quest you are able to travel to Fairywood.
image (15).png

But what even is there?
As previously said fairywood is divided in 2 parts.
The first part is the City of Fairywood and the other part is called "The Upper Woods of Fairywood" where you can use your axe to chop some wood
to complete some Rowan tasks.

Spell and Orb Vendor
The Spell Vendor offers you every type of spell for stars with a buy cooldown of 24h.
Same goes for the Orb Vendor but with orbs.

The Collector
The Collector sells all the new Woodcutting related enchantment books for Woodcutting tokens.
You can check the new enchants via **/enchants**

Rowan is located at Fairywood. He speaks to you after you have reached level 30 and
gives you woodcutting tasks to gain some cool items and Woodcutting tokens

There are some more npcs in fairywood that are waiting for you to find them °>°

Fairywood Parkour
Once per day after completeing the Fairywood Parkour you get a lootbox in your /claimbox.
Every Monday the 3 players with the best completion time are getting rewarded with extra lootboxes.

*Note: The Timber Ability works now

Shinybounds Tavern
The Shinybounds Tavern is located at the Market.
The Tavern features some new and old NPC's

Daily Login
If you want to claim your daily login reward or your Rank Monthly crate
then you now have to talk to the daily login npc since the /daily command got removed °>°

The Necromancer exchanges your Mob Points for Spawner spinner's.
You can get Mob Points by right clicking heads from mobs.

Every future seasonal events like halloween are going to get their npc here

Mein Projekt (1).png

Island Upgrades
There are now Island Upgrades, which can be upgraded with Stars and Shiny Token.
You can open the menu with /is.

image (24).png

🟣 Mob Spawner Limit: Controls how many spawners can be placed on island. Without any upgrades you can place 50 spawners.

🟣 Hopper Limit: Controls how many hoppers can be placed on island. Without any upgrades you can place 100 hoppers.

🟣 Double Ore Drops: Controls how high the chance for double ore drops on this island is. With every upgrade the chance rises 10%.

🟣 Change Island Privacy: If you upgrade this, also no-ranked players can change the Island Privacy to public.

🟣 Shopkeeper Limit: Controls how many extra Shopkeeper you can place on your island.

🟣 Double Fishing XP: Controls how high the chance for double fishing xp on this island is. With every upgrade the chance rises 10%.

❗Other notable updates / changes❗
🔴 For all the Koth players we now have a koth chat where you can see who dies.

🔴 Koth armor pieces not have a 100% chance to appear in every koth bag anymore.

🔴 The Fund prices have changed a bit (see with /fund)

🔴 Looting 5 got completely removed from every loottable

🔴 You now have to mine coal before iron, iron before gold, gold before diamond and diamond ores before emerald ores in the Tradia mine

🔴 There are new Prestige requirements

Community Suggestions that got implemented in the new season(y)
🟡 Souled items are now going in the claimbox if you die and not in the dropzone anymore

🟡 You can now exchange Mob heads for mob points so that they aren't useless anymore

🟡 Openables in the Frosty mine are now only breakable without immunity

🟡 Some balance changes with the pvp sets that are shown above

🟡 New features in the Warzone to make pvp more interesting

🟡 /fixall command (has a cooldown)

Thats all for this update, enjoy!
Thanks for being patient with us.
The Shinybounds Management


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