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Today we're releasing a new practice update.
For everyone that doesn't know what "practice" is:
-> Practice is one of our custom servers, basically just pvp with our custom items/spells/set bonuses and enchantments.

Anyways, this update includes the following:

  • Creating your own kits
  • Better inventory ordering
  • Lots of bug fixes & changes
With this being said, let's start with the biggest change.
You can create up to 7 kits

  • 3 - Members
  • 4 - Ultra
  • 5 - Legend
  • 6 - Savage
  • 7 - Eternal, Friend, VIPs, Staffs

How to create a kit

Type /kitcreator create to create a new kit.
You will then see a
number in the message, which is your kit id -> this is needed to edit & delete your kit.


To start adding items to your created kit, type
/kitcreator edit <your kit number>. You're now in editor mode!


or middle click it in your kit menu


Several commands are now ready to be used to add items to your kit!

  • /items -> Opens up a menu where you can select armor, weapons, spells, food, potions... and more
  • /trash -> Clean up your inventory from items you don't want in your kit anymore! Simply put them in the trash bin and close the inventory
  • /addsetbonus <set bonus> -> Add a set bonus to a piece of armor you are holding. Example: frostwalker, reindeer, clown, immortal, warlord... Pick one of them!
  • /removesetbonus <set bonus> -> Remove a set bonus from a piece of armor you are holding. Must only be used if you want to completly remove a set bonus from armor. If you wish to add another set bonus to it, just override it with /addsetbonus (easier)
  • /customenchant <enchant> <level> -> Add a enchantment to your item(s). Example: /customenchant Combo 5
  • /removeenchant <enchant> <level> -> Remove a enchantment from your item(s). Example: /removeenchant Combo 5
  • /rename <text> -> Give your tool a new name. Supports all color codes, must be between 1 and 64 characters. You can only rename tools, weapons & armor pieces.


Simply left click on a item to receive it, or shift left click to receive 32 items.

After you're done with editing your kit, simply type
/save to stop editing and save it.
Please note the following things:

  • Before saving, make sure to equip the armor you want to be equipped with at the start of a match
  • Any other armor that is NOT equipped will be stored in your inventory at match begin
  • Your & your opponent's inventory order will exactly be the inventory that you've /save'd
  • When leaving the server while editing, your kit will be auto-saved
To select it, simply click on it in the kit menu like any other kit.
You can also preview it there.

To fight with it, simply have it selected and send a player a duel.
Queue support isn't added yet, since I haven't found time / a way to make a proper match making system.

When receiving a request for a duel with a custom kit, you can preview the kit first by clicking on the message in the chat!



QOL changes

  • Changed how ordering the inventory of standard kits is done
  • You can't save a kit anymore with missing items
  • Fixed that you couldn't activate abilitys while looking at a player, or switched from looking at a block & air quickly (will be patched on magic after next reset)
  • Fixed that you couldn't activate spells while looking at a player, or switched from looking at a block & air quickly (will be patched on magic after next reset)
  • Fixed that you couldn't use warzone rocket / gravity gun while looking at a player, or switched from looking at a block & air quickly (will be patched on magic after next reset)
  • Fixed instant activation of sword abilitys when accepting a match
  • Default start ability(s) for swords, axes and shovels are now Rage, Shuffle & Bury
  • Abilitys can only be activated & changed after a match has started
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to move, even when the match hasn't started already
  • Made the arena border bigger since there is a bug that you won't get teleported back up when stuck in the border (this isn't easy to fix)

New setting added

You can now select which ability you wan't to start with for swords (default -> Rage)

View attachment 26

Other notable things

However, during the stuff I've changed, I had to delete the most settings. This inculdes your inventory orderings for kits.

I will continue to update practice, and make more maps (selectable) and a better match making, as soon as there is time to do so
since I want to focus on Magic still.
Bugs may occur, if so, please make a ticket on discord to help getting it fixed.
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