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QA Admin
Here are our requirements for the Media rank

For YouTubers/Video creators:
  • Subscriber count doesn't really matter, however, you should atleast have 200 subscribers
  • At least 400 Views per month
  • Uploading active videos (1 video per week is enough)
  • Already uploaded a video on your channel

If you are a Streamer:
  • You should have atleast 200+ followers
  • Should atleast have 10-15 active viewers
  • Active Streaming (2 streams per week)
  • Already did atleast one stream on your channel

If your application gets accepted, you also must accept & follow the following Rules:
  • No toxicity, threats or anything else on the Minecraft Server, Discord or Forums. We don't care what you're doing private, but we're not allowing our VIPs to not follow the rules on our networks. If you break the rules, we're allowed to remove the VIP Rank at any time & punish you like everyone else.
  • Abusing the /nick | /skin system might result in a removal of your VIP + Punishment.

What you get from us:
  • The Media Rank on the Minecraft Server, Discord & (Forum [soon]) (has all perms of Ultra + some more).
  • Ability to share Shinybounds videos on the Discord.
What you need to do for us:
  • Link our Discord + Server IP in your video description and mention it in the video.

You want to apply?
Find our application form here.
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