Brewing... | Update #5


QA Admin
Sorry that you guys had to wait this long for this update but the recent discovery of an exploit which affected Minecraft caused a lot of problems on our server-side...
Today we are releasing custom brewing!

The Brewmaster
The Brewmaster offers potion recipes which you can use to brew a new type of potions!
Many of you will most likely remember this from Skybounds.


The Brewing Cauldron
Once you right-click a Cauldron a new menu will open where you can brew potions (currently 4, more coming later this season...)
To start brewing it is required to have a Brewing Recipe which you need to drag into the Cauldron's Menu.


To complete a Brewing Recipe you have to insert all items required by the Recipe into the Cauldron.


All Current Potions
All potions which are currently added in-game can be found below!

Transmogrify Stone (I-III)
The Transmogrify Stone Potion replaces surrounding stone with ores and special blocks which once broken will drop an openable.



Once destroyed this block will give you one Random Openable!

Rupture (I-III)
This potion is a bit different than it was on Skybounds...
It will only remove surroinding ores which makes it easier to farm openables with Transmogrify Stones!


Prospector (I-III)
This potion upgrades all nearby ores by one level (Coal -> Iron, Iron -> Gold, etc.)


Potion Recipe Library
Out of this special warzone loot item you can receive a ton of potion recipes.

We will release more content really soon, stay tuned!

Thats all for this update, enjoy!
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