Aura Beacons and more! | Update #2


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Today we are releasing Aura Beacons, Bug Fixes and Quality of Life improvements...

Aura Beacons
Aura Beacons are bringing normal Minecraft Beacon effects to your island, you can start the quest to unlock it by going to the market!

Once you started the quest you need to find elements of power in the warzone, you can find an example of how they look like below!


After you completed the quest you can always buy a new beacon at The Wizard in case you lose it.
Once you unlocked and placed it on your island you can right-click it and be greeted with a menu where you can accept challenges to unlock effects like Haste and Strength.

You need to be Level 30 to unlock the quest!

Quality of life changes / balances

Better Sellwands
We have added a new feature to the Sellwands which makes it possible to merge them together.
This was requested a lot and is now implemented!


Slayer Loot adjustments
Slayer loot was adjusted a little bit in this update.

Mystery Egg adjustments
You can now receive Boss Eggs out of Mystery Eggs.

Bug Fixes
A lot of bugs were fixed in this update, you can find a list below.
  • An annoying bug was fixed where special items like Random Immortal Shards out of Lootboxes didn't work and had to be manually exchanged by a Manager.
  • Legend+ does now override Booster Rank max. Island Members
  • Fishing Openables no longer work with the duplicate skill
  • Swords and Axes don't break in KOTH anymore
  • Coinflips sometimes saying that you can't create one because you already created one
  • Re-enabled /unverify in-game

Enjoy the Update!
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